Sunday, October 15, 2006


Clearly, we want to become pregnant, hopefully soon, because we have spent the family fortune. We're beginning to worry about our ability to financially keep up with the ever-increasing cash and emotional/hormonal demands of this process. That said, this morning I got up and faithfully peed on a stick, and well we got nothing. I mean, nothing, which made me feel awful and okay at the same time. I say 'okay' simply because I want the test to scream "you are having a baby some time in late June!!!" However, I also know my semi-positive stuff could all just be trigger shot silliness as I read on the internet this AM:

Every woman's metabolism is different, but as a general rule of thumb, you should allow 1 day for every 1,000 units of hCG you injected. The standard hCG dose is 10,000 units; thus, 10 days after the shot, the synthetic hCG should be gone and you should be able to test for pregnancy without detecting the shot. However, you should ask your doctor what the recommended protocol for your dosage is.

Some women choose to test daily to monitor the essence of the hCG in their bodies; once the synthetic hCG is gone, the tests become negative. If the hCG "comes back" and the HPT's turn positive again, it's likely due to a pregnancy and not the leftover hormone shot.

I would reference the site but I don't remember which of the 4,000 sites I looked at it was on... sorry!

Anyhow, we are just hanging in there to see how this goes.

I will say, however, the only time I have ever seen any sort of positive was the first time we did it, which is when I had what I believe to be an amazingly early miscarriage. I stupidly did not really acknowledge it at the time and made no effort to slow my life down whatsoever afterwards, and ended up giving myself shingles.


I did go in Friday to have my progesterone checked and we will find out the results first thing tomorrow (Monday) morning. Depending on the results, I may need to go in for a dose of extra progesterone, so I can try to hold on to these hopefully fertilized eggs.


Stacy said...

It’s a Beta HCG test. It is a blood pregnancy test. Different doctors do it differently but my RE would do a beta if I got a positive pg test on an IUI or after each of my 2 IVFs. With the IVFs they were scheduled but with the IUIs a beta was only done if I got a positive. It measures the level of the “pregnancy hormone”, HCG, in your blood (same thing that was in your trigger shot). You usually have 2 or three of these tests and as long as it is above a certain number on a given day and then doubles in a reasonable amount of time.

For instance on my second IVF I had a beta 15 days after retrieval (same as ovulation). It was positive because it was above 5. It was actually 112. Then 3 days later the test was repeated and it was 443. Three days after that it was repeated and this time it was 2345. Since the number was doubling every 48 hours or so we had a good indication that not only was I pregnant but that it was a viable pregnancy. With an earlier miscarriage my initial beta was low then it did not increase and by the third test it had dropped indicating I had a chemical pregnancy. The value of the first number doesn’t matter much (it could be 50 or it could be 200) it only indicates that you are indeed pregnant. They only thing that matters is that it doubles in a given time period.

You may want to call your doctor and tell them that you had a positive test and ask for a beta to be done. It will give you an indication of what’s going on. But it is a double edged sword. You can get caught up in the whole numbers game and make yourself crazy. Since you two got pregnant fairly easily and have no history of miscarriages they may or may not do one and if they do one they may only be willing to do the first one to confirm your pregnant.

I hope I have explained this clearly. Please email me if you have more questions. You may want to google beta HCG. If you do a beta test then you can go to the IVF Calculator to check and compare your numbers.

Again, be careful. It is really easy to get caught up in the numbers game and drive yourself insane.

Good luck. I will be following along and wishing great things for you both.


Suzanne said...

Beta is the test to measure HCG. Qualitative beta measures if there's any HCG, quantitative measures how much.

vee said...

Oh Shit, I don't know what a beta is either, so i can't help, but I really hope that line comes back!!