Saturday, October 14, 2006


Okay, a third test was taken this morning -- but pretty much, there's nothing there. I mean, there is the slightest bit of a faint line, much lighter than what has shown up before. We feel slightly disappointed, but we're reminding ourselves that it's still early.


Stacy said...

Did you all use an HCG trigger? If so how many days ago? The HCG trigger will give a false positive but that seems unlikely since the test got darker the next day. A positive is a positive is a positive. The lighter line the 3rd day could be a vanishing twin. Don't give up hope. Is there a beta scheduled? I will keep my fingers crossed for you both.

Stacy said...

I jsut went back to your older posts and saw that the HCG was given on Oct. 5th. Some people say the HCG can stay for 12 days. I have never found that to be true and even the insert with the injections says its 1/2 life is like 3 days or something. I doubt what you saw was HCG. It looks to me like your pregnant!