Thursday, October 12, 2006


Every day, R's been saying that she was sure everything worked this time. I've been so excited, I can hardly stand it. Then, today, R came home and announced she wasn't so sure anymore. So, even though we know pregnancy tests down't work this early on, we did one anyway. Even though it doesn't make any sense, it actually made us feel better, somehow.

Anyway, R did the test but had to leave quickly as she was running behind schedule to meet up with a friend. So, I'm sitting here looking at this pregnancy test and I swear, I think there's a faint positive line. Now, I don't know if it's a fluke, my imagination, or the real deal.

I've taken a photograph. What do ya think?


Christina Taylor said...

I know you said she did take it early...but I SWEAR that I had a faint positive the day I took my test and it looked JUST like that one (only the lines in mine were purple in color)!!! Question...was the test one of the "cheaper" ones?? (Oh, I am hoping, hoping you both are pregnant!!!)


MaverickMama said...

If your first AI was last Saturday then the most days past ovulation you could be is 5 on Thursday. Most of the time the cells don't reach the lining of your uterus until day 6 or 7 and then you have to give that little one some time to start producing enough hormone to show on the HPT.

That said there is enough of a blue line to be a positive. However, if you waited to read the test for longer then the instructions indicate then it's not valid. HPT's must be read within the time limit indicated or they don't read correctly.

I hope you get your BFP this cycle.

Amanda said...

EEEK! i don't get photobucket here at work--can you email them to me? From what i understand (and i wish i could say from experience!), positives don't show up unless they are TRULY positive. i am sooo hoping this is it for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I have taken many a pregnancy test and i never had a line. bad for me but good for you and Rach!