Friday, September 28, 2007


Is anyone out there even reading this anymore? Show us some love!!!

At any rate, I had to go get fingerprinted today for the adoption stuff. The whole thing makes me nervous. I know I have a clean record, but there's always a chance that there's some kind of traffic violation I neglected to pay and now there's a warrant for my arrest... that kind of thing. Even that is unlikely, but being somewhere with inmates walking around (seriously, there were some inmates doing manual labor out in the open public spaces) was pretty nerve-wrecking. The officer who assisted me was so nice and made the whole thing so much better. Anyway, at least it's over and done with -- one more thing to check off the list! (Although R still needs to get hers done, too.)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We saw our doctor yesterday for the last of our once-a-month checkups (from here on out, we’ll go every two weeks for a while and then once a week until Button comes). R had to take a one-hour glucose tolerance test and a urine test. We won’t have the blood work results back for a couple of days, but the urine test was instant and sugar-free (gee, sounds like I’m talking about a beverage or something).

Both the nurse and the doctor measured R with the measuring tape and she’s measuring at 29 weeks, not 27 weeks as she should. Dr. A said she wouldn’t record it as officially two weeks ahead of schedule just yet. She wants to wait until our appointment on October 8th to check it again.

We got to hear Button’s heartbeat and although I can’t recall the exact number, it was high and her heart sounds really strong! Dr. A wants R to put on at least 10 more pounds between now and delivery. Now that the third trimester is upon us, it shouldn't be too hard for R to do.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


We’re registered at Target and as we manage our registry, we’re able to see online what has and has not been purchased from our list. It doesn’t tell us who purchased the item, it just shows that the item has been bought by someone.

Well, I registered for a $20 Eddie Bauer mini diaper bag. I liked that it was big enough to hold the necessities without being too big that it would be awkward to manage. Keep in mind that I despise even the thought of carrying a purse, so I'm doing good to settle for this small bag. (Plus, they'll give us the freebie diaper bag at the hospital and I can always use it if I end up needing something bigger.) Anyway, I noticed that someone purchased the diaper bag, but I have no idea who! It’s a mystery!

It’s been checked off the list for quite some time now, back before we had the baby shower for R’s dad’s side of the family. We thought for sure at the shower that we’d figure it out, but nope, the diaper bag has yet to make an appearance. A couple of friends have given us random gifts, but nope, no diaper bag! It’s kind of maddening. haha!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


During the night, at about 3:30 this morning, Button woke me up by kicking me in the back! R was lying with her stomach right up against me and Button was going nuts in there. I was lovin’ it. I don’t think R even noticed because when I tried to say something, she just grunted and kept on sleeping. Anyway, it was very neat!

Well, I ended up giving our niece the last bandana quilt I made for her 3rd birthday. I won’t lie, it was hard to part with after all that work, but I am so very happy that she likes it so much. R asked me to make another one for Button, so I’m working on it now! I’ve already completely finished piecing the quilt top. See?

I think I like the color arrangement on this one better

On my niece's quilt, I used black fleece for the backing and binded the edges with black velvet ribbon. It was super-cute, but I think I’ll change it up a bit for Button’s quilt. We’ll see…

Sunday, September 16, 2007


100 days left and counting! Wow… I just can’t believe we’re at the 100-day mark. The time has flown by and while 100 days seems so long in so many ways, I know it’s not. Everything is moving right along!

I’ve been sick all week with strep throat and a cold and I’ve tried my best to keep R from getting sick, too. Lord knows, she doesn’t need this mess because she wouldn’t be able to take anything for it. Of course, all of her kids at school have also been sick, so my efforts at home might be for nothing. We’re taking all the precautions we can -- ie, no kissing, sleeping in seperate beds, lots of hand washing, etc.

We got an offer on our house and we’re in negotiations. The whole thing has been kind of strange and we don’t know if it will actually work out, but we’re really hoping it does because we want to move! We found a house we really like that is move-in ready, doesn’t need any improvements, and is vacant. It would be great to settle in and start working on a nursery for Button. However, we just found out within the last hour that the owners for that house are also in negotiations with buyers other than us. They should know something about their house by Tuesday and we should also know something about ours. So, everyone, keep your fingers (eyes, legs, etc…) crossed for us!!!

Our next doctor appointment is on September 24th, which somehow seems like an eternity away, even though it’s just over a week away. We're just dying to see our little Button up on that screen!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


R's friend from college, Shelly, and her sister, who both have daughters, were kind enough to loan us tons of 0-3 and 3-6 months baby clothing. We picked them up on Wednesday and had so much fun when we got home looking at everything. The best part is that most all of the clothing is just right for the season when Button is born. There are even a few Christmas things thrown into the mix, which is awesome because Button will be a Christmas baby! There are only a couple of things that might not work, but even at that, I doubt we'll be needing much else for a while. We are so damned excited!