Monday, August 21, 2006


I know it has been a really long time since either of us posted anything, but things have been a little crazy. Ju has a new job, my job has been completely out of control, and we are in the middle of selling our house.

Okay so here is the short version:

  1. We are on an official break from baby hell. For once, I am actually really, really okay with it and not in much of a hurry to rush back into "trying". I think that when we are really ready to do all of that again I/we will really know it. I suspect that will happen sometime late in the Fall, maybe as early as October, but I am not pushing it. My constant inner time table is completely blown anyway, so why not just wait 'til it feels okay again?

  2. The house is on the market. We think we have a buyer, but we are waiting to see what happens. In the event that our house sells and the buyer wants to move in quickly, we will be, for the most part, homeless. We do not have a house we want to buy, as our best friends have purchased the house we wanted... oy vay! I help them move next week! We are thinking that we may just rent some little something until we can figure out what to buy. Yet again, the inner time table is blown, so why not just take our time? In the event that we do not sell our house by the middle to end of September, we are just going to stay put until Spring.

  3. Ju has a brand new job that is fabulous and has amazing benefits, so we are really excited about this!! My job, on the other hand, has been a little more trying lately and I think that the additional pressure of baby stuff, combined with all of the hormones, might be the thing that pushes me over the edge. So, we wait...

Other than all of that, we are just hanging out with the dogs/cats... hahaha.
I am trying to be much more okay with all of the changes that have occured, as well as okay with the changes that I wanted that didn't occur. I am trying to just enjoy what we have going on right now and accept that things are just going to be a little upside-down for a while. I find myself more often than not really relieved that we don't have another person to care for right this second. We're having enough trouble managing everything as is -- a sure sign that sleep depravation would be a very bad thing to add to the mix right now.