Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I had to see Dr. A today for my own issues -- specifically, a follow-up exam to see how a cyst on my left ovary is doing. The lab technician, Linda, did the exam, which was kind of nice. The last time Dr. A did it, I felt so uptight and nervous, and I think this is because I deal with her so much. It was just too wierd having someone I feel like I know fairly well (we spend a lot of time in that office!) poking and prodding me.

Anyway, the ultrasound Linda did looked bad from my perspective. I've certainly seen enough ultrasounds on screen at this point to know what to look for and when she got to my left ovary (the right one was perfect), I could see the cyst glaring at me from the screen. It looked like a huge black hole/spot on the screen. She measured it at an inch-and-a-half. That's about the size of the space measuring from my bottom knuckle (the one that connects my finger to my hand) to the second knuckle on my pointer finger -- yikes! Dr. A wasn't there to review these results with me (she had to run off to a delivery and then she also had a couple of surgeries scheduled), so I had to make an appointment to return on Thursday for some face-time with her.

I feel like it's okay to write about my stuff here because it effects my own fertility and should I ever decide to try-to-conceive instead of R, you'd be hearing about it. So...

In other news, R's test results (the extensive/obscure tests that we were not expecting the results to for several more weeks) came back today. R called me just before I left for my appointment to beg me to weasel the results out of Dr. A. And obviously, since Dr. A wasn't there, I couldn't talk to her about it. So, I think we'll be getting the results tomorrow, hopefully. Maybe we'll finally have some answers, or at least some piece of the puzzle to work from. R quoted the nurse as having said, "... Dr. A wants to go over the game plan...", so that makes us think there is something there, but then again, it might be nothing.

We got a copy of all the receipts for our medical care for the last year and I was surprised with how little we'd actually spent with the doctor's office. An amazing amount was covered by insurance and other enormous chunk was spent buying sperm. I knew that stuff was pricey, but it didn't hit me just how pricey it is until today. Sheesh!

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Melissa said...

Long time reader. I am glad you are having some success at finding some answers. I will keep you gals in my thoughts. Feel free to link me and my wife.

me: www.marriedlesbianmom.blogspot.com

wife: www.anamlgrl.blogspot.com