Monday, January 29, 2007


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R and I realized over the weekend that our recurrent pregnancy losses might be due to some genetic autoimmune issues. You see, R's mom, who's been quite ill for years now, is the walking definition of an autoimmune disease. Not only that, it runs in R's family. To add to this, R's had both shingles and 5th disease in the last eight months - both of which are autoimmune issues. So, we decided to pursue some tests for R to help determine if this is an issue she has that is effecting her ability to carry a baby full-term.

We put in a call to Dr. A's office. As it turns out, the tests she ordered up for R last week include checking for genetic and autoimmune stuff. The tests she ran were so extensive, in fact, that the technician who drew R's blood had never heard of or seen these tests. I guess Dr. A was/is a step ahead of us.

We won't have those tests results back for several more weeks. G-d knows, I don't wish for R to have these problems, but at least we'd have some answers, if that's what it turns out to be. And with the help of an autoimmune specialist, R could be monitored and we just might be able to make it, should we decide to try again sometime. Of course, we're not ready to start back up right away, and maybe not at all. But at least we can ask questions and get some answers.


Sophia said...

Hope you get answers. I wasn't a fan of their new yoerk office but lots of people swear by SIRM for IVF with people with immune issues and they have clinics throughout the United States.

Journey to an Ewok

Holly said...

Having autoimmune issues isn't a good thing, but it might provide solutions if you know what the problem is, right?

We are definitely keeping you in our thoughts for some pregnancy success in 2007!

Lois & Holly

Merr said...

Hi hope you get everything figured out soon.