Friday, January 26, 2007


This sucks so bad; I just can't tell you.

I read that the chances of having two miscarriages back to back was less than 4%. Wow, how did I get so fucking lucky? I actually suspect that I've miscarried the last three times that we tried, but only two I know for certain. If my instincts are right, then the chances of that happening are .16%... yet again, that is some amazing luck.

Short of one of my amazing doctors coming up with a plan that gives me a freaking chance, I am ready to move on to adoption. Frankly, I am not a huge fan of trying to waiting and hoping for a mother to pick us, relinquish her baby to us, and then risk her taking that baby back... so that pretty much kicks domestic adoption to the curb.

So, that leaves international adoption. I spent the day on the phone asking about the possibility of us getting a baby from somewhere far away, only to hear a plethora of news that makes a million rounds of IVF look like a lovefest.

If anyone has any ideas, agencies, experiences with this or anything that might help - please, please, please email me. ( or just leave a comment.) We are in hell and I really need to find a new way to find our child. I just can't give up.


Anonymous said...

Definitely don't give up you'll get your babe! Not that you want to hear encouraging stories but my good friend had 2 back to back m/c and is now 18 wks pg...

Mama2BandT (lilburn, GA)

Andy said...

Adoption doesn't always have to be so grim. Have you looked into foster to adopt? Open adoptions can be wonderful too and the odds of a birth mother changing her mind and taking the baby back are pretty slim, despite what you see on the bad-made-for-tv movie of the week. Come check out to talk with birth parents, adoptive parents and adult adoptees. We have a lot of insight to share! By the way my partner and I are adoptive Moms to a great 4 year old. There are tons of successful adoption stories out there!!