Monday, April 30, 2007


We managed to see our doctor a day early (concerned b/c of R's fall - see previous post) and had our ultrasound. The photos look like dots on a page, but we got to see and hear the heartbeat. It was amazing! Our doctor is so excited and everyone was making a big deal of everything and wanted to see our first photos. The nurse just kept looking at them, like she couldn't even believe we are finally here. Honestly, it seems a bit unreal to us, too.

The baby looks like a pea in a black hole -- attached to the left -- see it?

This is a 3-d view. Up in the v-shape part, there are two ball-shaped spots. The one toward the top that has sort of a left-facing L-shape is baby. The ball underneath is the yolk sac!


Christina Taylor said...

YAY!!!!! :o) Oh my goodness I am SO HAPPY for you both!!! I know how exciting hearing the heartbeat is!! Wait until the baby gets a bigger and you can see them move!! It's awesome. :o) Oh, you just don't know how excited and happy I am for the two of you!

K J and the kids said...

I'm delurking. Congratulations.
Sorry about that fall, glad that everyone is healthy and happy.

Melody said...

Amazing! I'm so happy for you guys!

Merr said...

There's only ONE??

Amanda said...


So HAPPY for you have been down a long road waiting for this, and it's about time! Whoo hoo!