Monday, February 26, 2007


In response to R's last post, someone asked if we'd considered switching roles and having me try. To answer that question, yes, it's been discussed, but I have issues all my own and they don't have anything to do with wanting/not wanting to try myself.

The fact is, I do want to try, at some point. It has always been part of our plan. In our perfect dream world, it would go like this: R would try, get pregnant, have a baby, etc. And then a couple of years later, I'd try, get pregnant, have a baby, etc... one big happy family. Unfortunately, it hasn't gone quite like this. So, now we're left with making decisions about what R will/can do next. And if that doesn't work, then perhaps I'll give it a go.

The problem is this: I have several hormonal issues that might prevent me from being able to carry myself. We'll know more when I visit the same IVF specialist R saw a couple of weeks ago. Dr. S is actually a Reproductive Endocrinologist and took an interest in my case, stating that he'd be interested in treating my issues and suggesting that I should make an appointment to see him. I feel good about this idea, so I made an appointment for mid-March. I'm not seeing him for fertility, but rather to just treat my hormone issues, but who knows, I might be able to get answers along the way that would settle any questions/thoughts/what-ifs about this.

So, there ya have it. I'm not opposed to trying, but I'm not sure I can, either. We just want to figure it out and at this point, we'd be happy if either one of us could make it happen.


Kim said...

JU and R,

I found yall today thru Merr at The Proud Prowsers. Just wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts.

veeandjay said...

Would they accept you into the study with you, Ju, trying to get preg, or is it too late/a no goer?
Just a thought. I appreciate there is far more involved than just a change of horses, so to speak. As I said earlier, this is a shitty situation for you and I wish you both the best in deciding what your next move will be.

Melody said...

I'm glad you're being proactive with the RE.

Vee's right. It's not just about changing horses. On top of any physical issues, there are a lot of emotional issues to consider. There's insurance, career timing, and more. Now that I've been trying for about 10 months, Vanessa is reluctant to put herself through the stress-- even though she would if I asked her to.

Amanda said...

It doesn't seem like it should be a difficult decision, but it always is. For us, the issue isn't my fertility, but the fact that i'm a student now, and can't afford to miss classes, research trips, etc. because i'm pregnant and not feeling well. It's really frustrating, actually.