Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So, things are moving right along. R started her period on Friday, a day earlier than we'd hoped for, but it's still within the window of what we need. She's taking Dexamethasone and Clomid (150mg). For now, it's just a matter of maintaining the right schedule, going to appointments, etc. Our KD still has to have his appointment with his doctor, but that's out of our hands. Worst case scenario: we have to order from the sperm bank and that's okay with us.

In other news, I got the results from my pap smear from two weeks ago. Apparently, there's an abnormality. Something about abnormal cells, but the nurse with whom I spoke was sort of unclear. She said it's not cancer and "Don't Panic." (How the hell am I supposed to not panic? It's worrisome!) I'll call the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he can more explicitly explain exactly what this means, how it effects me, and what I need to do. And if need be, I'll have more tests and/or seek out a second opinion elsewhere.

Several things could have happened to give abnormal results, ie, I was just finishing up my period. The nurse said I might have had a low-grade infection of some sort, ie, a yeast infection without knowing. (Even if I had a full-blown one, I'm not sure I'd know it because I've never had one before. How do you even know?) The nurse said something about waiting six months to get re-tested, but not if I can help it! I need help, now.

Okay, I better stop this entry short because I am starting to wig out again and R's not home from class. I'm all alone and I just need to vent! Maybe I'll just go practice my violin... after all, I do have a concert to prepare for (another thing to be stressed out about!).


Merr said...

Believe me, you'll know if you have a yeast infection! I have had a few and they itch like a mother F#$^^&$#!!!

Melody said...

I've had a couple of yeast infections that didn't go full blown, and they were just mildly irritating. I ate yogurt for a few days, and they went away. I can see how you might not know in that case. You might just think you were allergic to your soap.

My ex had a couple of abnormal paps. She got her cervix frozen and went back a month or two later and everything was fine. It's probably nothing to get worried about. Several of my friends have also had abnormal paps, and follow up paps have been OK. It happens to a lot of women.