Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Because our sonographer was unable to get an adequate look at Button's spine the last time we went in, she had us come back in today for a 21-week exam. We can now officially say that Button is as healthy as can be! (Not to mention just beautiful... and I think she has R's nose!)

Since they don't seem to have the capability of saving video to disk for us, I took my digital camera (which has a video camera built in that will record only a few minutes of footage) in and recorded a few scenes.

This first scene shows Button's little face pressed right up against the screen! Linda (the sonographer) zooms in on the heart and you can hear it beating -- so exciting! I could listen to/watch this all day.

This next scene shows in detail Button's heart beating like crazy. See that flashing black hole, opening and closing? Well, that's her heart! Linda also shows us the blood flow, which is blue and orange on the screen. Check it out!


vee said...

How cool is that!

Holly said...

That is so unbelievably cool!
I can't believe you got a video of it!
We had the same tests done, but we had to go to a larger facility than our office. I thought the u/s with the colors for blood flow were amazing!
How wonderful that everything looks healthy and perfect!

Zenobia46 said...

It is my first time commenting after reading for several weeks now. Figured it was time for me to say hell. Congratulations on the baby and how exciting!! Thank you for sharing this, and I hope that you don't mind if I continue to stop by, and comment.

Merr said...

Those are so cool! Thanks for sharing!