Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Not much new news on the baby front. Things are going well and R's tummy is getting bigger every day, even though she's gained only around three pounds or so. She looks great!

R's been sleeping a lot and I get bored, so on Monday night I decided to start a new project. I'd been saving up some old bandanas to use for something, but never could decide what to do with them. Suddenly, it hit me -- a bandana quilt! I got out my rotary cutter, cutting mat, and went to town cutting up squares from which to quilt.

Then, last night I went to town piecing it all together. The time flew by. It certainly didn't hurt that I had all of my squares organized into the order I wanted them to go in. At any rate, here's the finished product of my quilt top:

here's a close-up

All I have left to do now is to sew the backing on and I've decided to use fleece for that. Fleece works well because it's easy to manipulate, is really soft, and it keeps me from having to worry with batting, basting, etc. I also like the casual feel of it. After I do that, I need to quilt the darn thing. I think I might machine quilt it rather than doing it by hand, but I can't quite decide.

R thinks I should give this to my niece for her 3rd birthday on September 1st and make a second one for Button using different fabric. I'm not opposed that idea, but I do love this bandana quilt, so parting ways with it might be difficult.

On the house front, our open house went really well and traffic has really picked up. We also found a house we really like that is move-in ready, so we hope ours will sell soon! Wish us luck.

One more thing -- I bought this adorable Christmas fabric, but I don't have a clue what to do with it! Any suggestions out there? Keep in mind that I'm not much of a clothes sewer (I'm a beginner) and I have only a yard of the fabric. Here it is:


vee said...

Wow! That's so cool! I say keep it.

Holly said...

That bandana quilt is AWESOME!!!!!!!
I say keep it!
As for the xmas pattern, you can make another quilt. maybe with various other holiday patterns with solid red or solid green fabrics in there too!?!?
I don't know, I'm definitely not the creative type.

Kim said...

Wow! Impressive! If you just HAVE to give it's our address.......

No,really...I 3rd that comment. KEEP IT!

amanda said...

What a kick-ass bandana blanket! i LOVE it!!