Saturday, August 11, 2007


We've had our house on the market for almost a month, with no luck and no interest. I know the market stinks right now and all of that, but we really need for this to happen. We really love the house and are selling it only because we need more room, pronto. There is a part of me that is happy that the house isn't selling and that we are sitting in it. But then there's the part of me that is aware of all the changes coming up and that part is ready to move.

We picked out a new house (Shelley, it is just like your mom's!) that we love and think would be a good house long-term. We're having an open house next weekend and I am hoping that it goes well (and that the amazing heat wave breaks a little by then)! It is hotter than hammered hell right now!

In other news, my aunt gave us an early baby shower last weekend. All I can say is that my family must be excited about the baby because we got tons of nice (and actually useful) presents. And the family christening gown and bonnet were given to us for safe keeping.

My mom has very sweetly offered for us to have a housekeeper come a few times when the baby is really small to help me out. Evidently, she is anticipating that I will be overwhelmed and she is physically unable to help. The other option is that she fears my housekeeping skills.... hehehe. Either way, I'm thrilled!


vee said...

What a superb present from your mum! As someone who is none too keen on housework at the best of times, I think that's a great idea.

I can just see my baby shower list now:

weekly cleaner
laundry service
someone to mow the lawn
meals on wheels

The possibilities are endless....

Ripley said...

Hey. Just found your blog. So cool to find another lesbian couple about the same stage we are! (Well, we're 16.5 weeks, so just a little way behind you). We're also trying to sell our apartment and move, which is kind of stressful when there's a rather fixed deadline! Anyway, keep up the blogging - great reading. Thanks.


Holly said...

I love the helper idea! That sounds incredibly useful!
I wish I could help you with the house situation. I would love to get out of our condo and into a house but the market stinks here too. Good luck with the open house!

shelleywebb said...

Well, my mom's house worked for us "long-term" (since they've been there for what? 21 years? egad). I hope you get it! And score on the cleaning help. It will definitely come in handy!