Sunday, November 25, 2007


This morning, R didn’t feel much fetal activity, so she tried all of the “tricks” recommended to get your baby to move more — consumed caffeine, ate, took a shower, walked around, etc. I even put some headphones on R’s belly with loud music, but nothing worked. We got a little worried, so I talked R into calling the doctor. “Better safe than sorry”, right?

I spoke with Dr. L (the doctor in our practice on call this weekend) and he told us to go to the hospital, just to be on the safe side. We threw our packed bags into the car just in case R would end up being admitted. The nurse hooked R up to a fetal monitor and when the activity level wasn’t up to snuff, she gave her a Coke to drink. Still, the activity just wasn’t there, although the heart rate was up and looked good.

Dr. L finally came in and examined R. There haven’t been any changes in dilation or effacement. Since none of the usual tricks to get the baby to move worked, Dr. L “zapped” the baby with a small tool that emits strong sound waves. Sure enough, it did the trick. Because we finally had movement and everything else looked good, R was released. We’re glad we can have peace of mind.


vee said...

Nasty scare. I'm glad all is well, though your wee one is probably narked at being zapped!

Not long now I hope!

Anna said...

Oooh, that was scary. Keep an eye on the fetal movement, they can always do a stress test to make sure the baby is getting enough blood & oxygen. In fact if it should happen again, make sure they do one. Always better to be safe than sorry. Hang in there! You're in the home stretch!

Kim said...

Sounds like it shouldn't be long now. How exciting! Thinking of yall!