Sunday, September 16, 2007


100 days left and counting! Wow… I just can’t believe we’re at the 100-day mark. The time has flown by and while 100 days seems so long in so many ways, I know it’s not. Everything is moving right along!

I’ve been sick all week with strep throat and a cold and I’ve tried my best to keep R from getting sick, too. Lord knows, she doesn’t need this mess because she wouldn’t be able to take anything for it. Of course, all of her kids at school have also been sick, so my efforts at home might be for nothing. We’re taking all the precautions we can -- ie, no kissing, sleeping in seperate beds, lots of hand washing, etc.

We got an offer on our house and we’re in negotiations. The whole thing has been kind of strange and we don’t know if it will actually work out, but we’re really hoping it does because we want to move! We found a house we really like that is move-in ready, doesn’t need any improvements, and is vacant. It would be great to settle in and start working on a nursery for Button. However, we just found out within the last hour that the owners for that house are also in negotiations with buyers other than us. They should know something about their house by Tuesday and we should also know something about ours. So, everyone, keep your fingers (eyes, legs, etc…) crossed for us!!!

Our next doctor appointment is on September 24th, which somehow seems like an eternity away, even though it’s just over a week away. We're just dying to see our little Button up on that screen!


Kim said...

What a milestone! 100 days! Double digits here you come! I feel your pain about the cooties. I've got tonsillitis. BLAH! Crossing everything that the house stuff works out in your favor. Can't wait to read more after your next appt.

amanda said...

100 days, wow! Can't wait!!
Hope you feel better soon.