Sunday, September 23, 2007


We’re registered at Target and as we manage our registry, we’re able to see online what has and has not been purchased from our list. It doesn’t tell us who purchased the item, it just shows that the item has been bought by someone.

Well, I registered for a $20 Eddie Bauer mini diaper bag. I liked that it was big enough to hold the necessities without being too big that it would be awkward to manage. Keep in mind that I despise even the thought of carrying a purse, so I'm doing good to settle for this small bag. (Plus, they'll give us the freebie diaper bag at the hospital and I can always use it if I end up needing something bigger.) Anyway, I noticed that someone purchased the diaper bag, but I have no idea who! It’s a mystery!

It’s been checked off the list for quite some time now, back before we had the baby shower for R’s dad’s side of the family. We thought for sure at the shower that we’d figure it out, but nope, the diaper bag has yet to make an appearance. A couple of friends have given us random gifts, but nope, no diaper bag! It’s kind of maddening. haha!

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