Sunday, March 11, 2007


So, as you can see we just couldn't stand it any longer. We broke down and got another dog in the place of the pesky and illusive baby. We really needed something fun to happen and.... well Otto is fun, and a total cuddle-monster. I have joked that there must be something wrong with him b/c he is so calm.

I am on a school break which is making me very happy!!! I really needed the break. We are gearing up for the next try and we will start the new drugs around/on the 20th, and I am hopeful. What can I say; Spring has that affect on me. Maybe we will win the chromosomal lotto? You never can tell what will happen.

In other funky news, the house next to our best couple friends has been foreclosed on and will be on the market soon. It is far from a sure thing, but it would be fabulous to live next to them. It is a fun thought that involves much less cooking than I currently do... hehehe. I plan to invade their gay-boy kitchen a lot if we live next door.

They have been trying to adopt from the foster care system and are about as annoyed with it as we are with fertility. It is always nice to feel like we are not alone in our long and annoying quest for a family.

Hope everybody is enjoying the early time change.

See ya!


Heather said...

Hey ladies! Excited to hear about your little dachshund boy. You're lucky that he's calm. Cosby (my little dachshund girl) is rather protective of me and that leads to lots of jumping and barking.

Holly said...

Otto is adorable!
I love the idea of living next to couple friends. We are holding out waiting for a house next to our best friends to open up. Lois can cook, our friend N. can do all of the computer work, L. will take care of the yard work and...I'll do what I do best...nothing.

Amanda said...

How cool would it be to live next door!? That is really neat--i hope it works out.
Good luck with the upcoming try--as always my fingers will be crossed for you!