Friday, March 30, 2007


We have not said anything because, well, we just haven't... but we are trying again and things look good so far. We are doing another (god help us) IUI cycle with the mother-load of drugs (not injectables).

We had our ultrasound today and there are five, count em', five egg follicles! Two on one side are small, but the other side has three very good-looking follicles. My doctor pointed out that one of the follicles had a large and visible cell mass within it, which surround the actual egg. It was very cool to see on the ultrasound. Plus, my very sweet doctor told me that when she finally got pregnant with her first child, after much fertility hell and at least one miscarriage, it was when she had one of these same visible eggs. Additionally, the endometrial lining was really good (9 mm on day 11!! and we still have two days of estrogen support/supplementation to go).

We are pretty excited, but we are also very aware of the realities of our situation. We have decided to go through with this cycle, and if necessary, one more after that before we re-evaluate the IVF and/or adoption option. Both of our doctors really pushed for us to continue the IUI cycles in the hope that we would hit the jackpot and avoid all the IVF fun/expense.

The risk is, of course, another miscarriage. My doctor has made it pretty clear that if we do get pregnant again that they will be watching me very, very closely. I suspect that if there is anyway for her to help support the pregnancy, she will do it. The only thing that makes me feel better about all of this is the fact that we have obsessively followed EVERY one of my doctor's orders and suggestions.

But, yeah, we have five follicles!!! Woo-hoo!


Melody said...

Whoo-hoo! I've never seen the cell mass you describe, but now I will be actively looking for it. Good luck this month!

Amanda said...

Hip hip hoooray!!! 5 folicles is damn good--i will be thinking about you girls. When's the IUI?

Holly said...