Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Our doctor talked to us last week about inducing on the 14th, but apparently there was some sort of mix-up with the scheduling and now the hospital is all booked up that day. SO, she bumped us ahead and R will be induced on Thursday, December 13th! In the meantime, all is well and R is 3cm dilated. We went out for Indian food for dinner, hoping those hot spices would trigger something. Silly us... haha!

In other news, our house went under contract yesterday! The buyer had the inspection done today, but we don’t know any of the results or what actions the buyer will take. We’re pretty much hoping he backs out during this due diligence period because honestly, we have found nothing to buy. It’s feeling a little reminiscent of the Christmas story, with R about to deliver and no where to go.


Anna said...

Oh, how totally exciting! Is the bag packed yet? Glad to see you guys are eating spicy foods. I did too, throughout my pg and nursing. My son is a pretty good eater, because he was exposed to some varied seasonings in and out of utero.

Keep us posted on EVERYTHING!

quixoticmama said...

Forgive me if I missed something - but why is your doctor inducing at 37 weeks?

Good luck though :) Your itty bitty will soon be in your arms!