Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Monday was our 29-week doctor appointment. R was running behind schedule, which put us behind with our appointment. Also, our doctor was tending to an emergency at the hospital, so we had to wait even longer. In the end, we ended up seeing one of the other doctors in the practice.

Everything still looks good. Button’s heartbeat is strong and R’s blood sugar and blood pressure are both normal. She’s still measuring about two weeks ahead — yikes! The one bit of bad news is that R has a bladder infection, which is fairly common from what Dr. L said. He gave her some antibiotics, which she’ll take for the next two weeks. No worries.

We were disappointed to not get the sonogram we thought we’d get. It looks like we’ll have to wait another two weeks until our appointment on the 23rd.

Yesterday, a package showed up at our house and a diaper bag was inside -- mystery solved! It was from none other than my very dear friend, Heather, who I’ve known since our freshman year of college. She is too sweet!

Not only did Heather surprise us with the diaper bag, we opened it to find it filled with even more goodies. There was a package of wash clothes, mittens for Button’s hands so that she doesn’t scratch herself, nighttime bath wash and lotion, and the most adorable dress with a matching sweater! We are totally thrilled. Thanks, Heather!!!

In other news...

Button isn’t even here yet and already, she is putting white hairs on my head! Seriously, I discovered this crazy one as I was getting dressed this morning and promptly pulled it out. Not only was it solid white, it was kinky! I saved it to add to Button’s baby book. haha!


amanda said...

My greys are kinky too! How funny--i think it has something to do with the follicle changing.

Boy, you guys are getting really close. This is so exciting!

And what's up with Heather? She never writes on her blog anymore and i wanna know if she moved to Hawaii!!

Leigh and Charlene said...

I love reading your blog I am so happy for you that things are going well. My wife and I are going to go for try #2 in November and your blog has been a wonderful insipration.
We wish your family well.

Leigh and Charlene

Holly said...

Congrats on the positive appointment. Bummer that you have to wait for more pictures.

I laughed about the gray hair thing. This is just the beginning...