Saturday, October 20, 2007


Today, R and I went to our first childbirth class in a two-part series at the hospital where Button will be born. We were worried beforehand that the instructor would be too “granola” or that we wouldn’t feel welcome. Nothing could be further from the truth and the class was pretty good.

We watched a couple of videos (I could have done without seeing some of that!), listened to the instructor, asked questions (no one else asked any!), and even got to see the different types of equipment and devices used during labor and delivery. We did some relaxation and breathing exercises down on the floor, which was kind of wierd, mostly because I have a hard time breathing to a pattern set by someone else. Also, when we did the relaxation techniques, the instructor turned the lights off. We’d been there for five hours already and with the lights off, we both really wanted to take a nap.

We also got to tour the new family birth center, which is really nice. Labor and delivery is done right there in a private room where you stay during hospitalization. The instructor demonstrated how the equipment works, showed us the monitors, etc. We also got to see a newborn baby born just yesterday, which was kind of exciting. The nurse holding him was being really sweet with him.

Our second class is next Saturday. Then, in November, we’re attending a breastfeeding class, as well as a baby basics class. We want to be as involved and informed as possible and all of our friends who have breastfed said that the breastfeeding class really helped.

I pre-registered us with the hospital online tonight. That way, if R goes into labor it will be one less thing to worry about. Until next week, we’ll be practicing the breathing techniques to prepare for class and I’ll be massaging R’s back.

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Merr said...

Wow! Attending those classes really puts things into perspective huh? You guys are getting closer. How exciting!