Tuesday, July 03, 2007


We went to the doctor today, thinking we were having an ultrasound, and excited about the prospect of finding out the gender of our Button. We were disappointed to learn that we were not having a full ultrasound, but rather just a test to hear the heartbeat. R got to hear it, but it was uneventful for me, as I established in an earlier post that I do not hear well. I missed it entirely. Needless to say, I was especially disappointed.

We did have a good time chatting it up with our doctor about... sex toys. It was so random and funny. She was telling us about all the ones she'd seen on the internet as she was shopping for her own collection. It was a pretty damn interesting conversation! She is a riot.

Our next appointment -- the detailed ultrasound -- is in three weeks from now. At least then we'll actually get to learn the gender for sure and see everything well. We're both dying to know and R's mom is especially eager, as she's wanting to go shopping.

I don't much care one way or another if it's a boy or a girl. I'm just happy to have Button and hopefully s/he will be healthy. However, if it is a girl, I will be excited because there's a certain dress I've had my eye on! Ha.


Holly said...

Sorry you have to wait a little longer! Once we found out, I was a uncontrollable when it came to shopping!

The doc sounds like a riot! What a conversation topic.

Tonia said...

This is definitely an exciting time in the pregnancy. I can't wait to find out if Buttons is a girl or a boy. Of course, it doesn't matter as long as Buttons is healthy, but it sure makes it more personal when you find out who your talking to! Any names?? I'm so happy for you guys. My hubby and I are thinking of adopting again. We rode the infertility ride for a long time and boy was I ever glad to get off. We adopted a little girl from China and she is the most perfect thing in our lives. I know that Button's will be the center of your universe and will enrich your marriage and relationship with eachother. Our children are our most greatest gift we will ever receive.

Hugs -
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