Saturday, May 05, 2007


We hadn't planned on buying any baby furniture right now, as we are still early in the pregnancy. However, we found a deal today too good to pass up on -- one of those situations where we knew if we didn't take advantage, we'd be kicking ourselves later on.

R's parents live in a neighborhood that hosts a neighborhood-wide yard sale once or twice a year. We, along with R's parents, rode around and went house to house to check out all of the good deals. We got a new chandelier (sp?), a coffe table, an end table... but best of all, a crib! And it's not just any crib -- it's a $1600 'Million Dollar Baby' baby crib. But we didn't pay anything close to that. We got it for, get this, $100 and it is in *perfect* condition. What a steal!

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Amanda said...

No doubt! That is definitely a steal. And a good sign, to boot!