Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Never fear -- we haven't abandoned the blog. My mom has been in the hospital and has not been doing so well, so I've been tending to her. Needless to say, I am worn slap out. I guess all of the attention I've been focusing on her is good practice for when Button arrives. Just trying to look at the bright side, as with mom there hasn't really been a bright side.

R just finished up the school year. Her last day with kids was this past Thursday and she's had teacher in-service days ever since. Her official last day was yesterday. She's so excited.

On the Button front, things are moving right along. R hasn't had as much true morning sickness, but complains of being consistently nauseous. She seems to manage it well by eating small meals often. R hasn't gained any weight yet, but she is definitely showing, even this early. I think it's mostly because her boobs have gotten bigger/heavier and her posture has changed. Therefore, that belly juts right out. It's really cute, actually and I think she looks wonderful.

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holly said...

i like to come here and see what the little baby looks like floatin' around in the womb...hehe, only 214 days to go...