Monday, February 27, 2006


I went with R to our latest OB appointment, which was with a new doctor referred by another. We were warned that he might be a little "dry", but we didn't find that to be the case at all. He was very warm, kind, and funny to boot! In fact, everyone in the office was super-nice.

R had an annual exam/pap smear/etc. Dr. L said everything looked a-okay and that her cervix "looks very inseminatable". LOL. R checked out in good health and Dr. L doesn't anticipate any sort of problems. He did suggest, however, that she lose 10 pounds using the South Beach Diet. He said it's not necessity, but might be a good idea. So, South Beach Diet, here we come!

The only thing that tripped us up was how little Dr. L knew about the actual sperm retreival process. He said "we work with a company", but couldn't remember the name of the company. When we mentioned the one we'd been planning to use, he said, "Oh, yeah, that's the same one!" We asked several questions about the purchase of the sperm and getting it to the office. He finally said we needed to talk to Misty, some woman in the office whose job it is to handle all sperm stuff. (that sounds funny.)

Dr. L definitely knows what to do as far as procedure is concerned. We feel confident about that. I think it's just that most of the IUI's he does are with fresh sperm from a husband/wife team in the office. So, naturally, he doesn't know much about getting it from a company.


I got a call this morning from Misty, the "sperm lady". I didn't recognize the number when it appeared on the caller ID, so I didn't answer and just waited to check my messages. Misty didn't do much to give us any real information. Basically, she have us the 1-800 number to this company and referred us to their website to check pricing and such. Well, we already have that info because we've been looking at donors for months and months, trying to decide what/who we want. So, I felt a little disappointed to not get more info from her. I thought the purpose of her call was to let us know what we needed to do to order through the office so they could get it all for us, blah, blah, blah.

Dr. L was able to tell us that if we conceive in March, we'd be due around December 10th. April = January. May = February.

R wants to start in March because she thinks it won't take right away. However, I think there's a good chance it will. I mean, we've gotten great results at our appointments and we have no reason to believe that it won't work early on. We won't know that until we try, so I don't want to go into this with a negative attitude that it won't work. And as silly as it sounds, I do not want our baby to arrive in December, just before Christmas.

Our original desired due-date is for February, which means we'd preferably like to conceive in May. That way, R would deliver in February, have 12 weeks (three months) off from work, which would essentially turn into 24 weeks (six months) because she'd have the summer off after the 12 weeks ended. That would be perfect!

Anyhow, we're excited about our appointment. I guess the next time we return will be to inseminate. !!!

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