Tuesday, January 31, 2006


So we're ovulating... big deal, right? Well, for us it is very exciting news because at least we now know that R is ovulating for sure.

Now that we know things are working, we have questions! Once a positive test has been established, when is the optimum time to inseminate? Right then, the next day, etc???

R thinks we should buy the expensive ovulation predictor kit/machine because it indicates the peaks, but since these cheap tests are working, I think our money could be spent more wisely elsewhere.

Advice, please!

p.s. R promises to post soon... she's been swamped with school/classes


Kiles said...

we ovulated last wednesday (well my g.f did), by the doctors blood test. she had the blood test at 9 am wednesday morning, he did the insemination that afternoon around 5, he said anytime between late wed afternoon and early thursday morning is good, hope this helps.

Liza said...

I think the cheaper sticks also actually record the surge in hormone levels that are 12-24 hours before the actual ovulation. So I would still plan on later that day or the next.

IF you can afford it, 2 insems does improve your odds. If your insurance covers "N attempts at AI," most doctors/insurance companies will eventually agree that means N cycles, not N inseminations. Of course, you're still paying for the little swimmers.

FWIW, we'd been trying for 6 months, and I finally got pregnant the first cycle where we did 2 insems.

eryn said...

You need to determine how long after the first + she ovulates. For example, I *usually* ovulate 48 hours after my +. When we were using frozen sperm our midwife reccommended we insem 36 and 48 hours after my +. Since frozen only lives about 12 horus in the body. Now that we are using fresh sperm, we insem 24, 48, & 72 hours after the +.

Amy said...

on the other hand, i got pregnant on the 3rd try, 1st two we did 2 inseminations, 3rd time was a charm and we only did 1 insem. our dr. actually told us we were wasting our money doing 2 that there is no scientific evidence that it increases your odds, but it made us feel better until we almost ran out of the little swimmers that we absolutely wanted to work. good luck!!