Monday, January 02, 2006


R was doing a bit of research via the internet after we learned that the fertility clinic we planned to use is closed. She found a program titled Shared Risk, which basically involves paying one fee in return for 10 tries with IUI (at least I think it's IUI). After doing the math, it makes a lot of sense for us, so who knows. Does anyone else have experience with this?

I've started another blog -- nothing too exciting, but it's more of a discipline thing than anything else. Come visit at Ju. 2006 and add comments, if you'd like.


Stacy said...

I used the Integramed Shared risk for our 2nd IVF. (the first we payed out of pocket) We payed $22,500 for 3 tries at IVF and 3 FETs. We got pregnant on IVF #2, the first with the shared risk program. So it ended up costing us $10,000 more than f we had paid for each cycle on tis own. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Just the piece of mind knowing that if it failed we still ahd other tries available to us was huge and went a long way to keeping me (somewhat) sane through the IVF process. I don't know anything about doing IUI's with shared risk. I think most REs, in my experience, only want you to do 3-4 IUI's before moving on to other treatments. I would also suggest (hope its not assvice) double checking and rechecking your insurance coverage. You may find that the ultrasounds for an IUI with Clomid is covered, but an IUI with injectibles is not. I was floored to find my meds were covered when ntohing else was. If you ahve not already done so you may want to get the medical codes from your RE and call your insurance company your self. (forgive me if you ahve already discussed this on your blog)


Manuela said...

I did read about someone else doing this sort of thing... damn... of course I can't remember which blog... if it comes to me I'll let you know.