Monday, July 03, 2006


My friend, Christina, commented on my last "Investigation" post and here's what she had to say:

I have a lot of experience with the whole "business licensing" thingy because I work for a company who offers that to our clients in NC and SC. I checked this company out on the Georgia Secretary of State's office (most every state has info open to the public on businesses) here:

It appears that this non-profit corp. "tried" to file their formation documents in GA on 5/8/2006 and that the filing was "disapproved" for some reason or another. This could simply mean that they didn't fill the form out correctly, left info off, paid the wrong registration fee, etc. The only thing that raises my eyebrow on this company is that they JUST now tried to file their registration to "do business" in GA. This means that they are just now either starting to do business or have been doing business without the proper qualification to do so yet. Just something to think about since you were wanting to find out more about this NP corporation. Hope this helps!

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