Monday, May 22, 2006


Just a funny...

The sperm bank we use is Xytex. (pronounced Zytex)

I just saw a commercial for a mouthwash called "Breath Rx, featuring Zytex".


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Anonymous said...

I'm considering donating to Xytex, but have concerns about what kind of recipients might be using it.

I'm 6', 180#, 37, with a Bachelor's degree and middle class employment. Maybe this is too old? Do you think so? Xytex's guidelines have a range of 18 - 38.

I'm strongly driven to procreate. My only brother has not done so, and realistically, I'm the last hope to keep our family line going. If not, it ends with me. I think there are worthwhile traits in my blood to pass along. Donation seems to be the most expedient route.

That said, I feel uneasy at not being able to select the recipient.

Any thoughts on this? I am not making any kind of reflection on you or your friends, as I do not know you at all, and just happened on this site from a search engine a minute ago. I am only speaking in very general terms about a matter that has occupied my thoughts for some time.

Can you give me a good argument in favor of donating to anonymous strangers who might not even be good parents, for all I know? I wish the selection process were reciprocal rather than one-sided. Perhaps this is an issue that deters many other donors as well. From an ethical standpoint, it may be better to avoid donating at all, rather than aiding and abetting what may/or may not be a good outcome for a child.

If I were aware of a couple (either lesbian or straight, it does not matter to me) that were in my judgment highly ethical and mature, then all reservations would fall by the wayside. I just dislike envisioning abuse or other unpleasant scenarios, such as poverty and hardship. With Xytex, there is the possibility to meet your offspring when they reach maturity. The thought occurred to me that it could be a criminal for all I know. I'd hate to hatch a smart crook. Maybe it's better to take my DNA to the grave? What are your thoughts? My email is drakebythelake [at] yahoo [dot] com if you would like to discuss. Anyone with any thoughts to share is welcome to write me, whether they agree with me or not.

Thank you.