Wednesday, May 17, 2006


We went for Rachel's ultrasound today. The follicle wasn't quite mature enough to give the HCG injection just then, so I was trained to give the injection at home, which is to be administered at 11:00pm sharp. Then we'll return to the doctor for our insemination mid-day Friday.

There's a problem with the injection, though, which is that Rachel doesn't trust me to give it. This is rediculous, but she's convinced she needs someone with some kind of professional medical training. So, early in the day, around 4:30 or so, I called our friend, Holly (who is also the vegan adoptive parent I've written about in previous entries), who is a doctor to ask if she'd give Rachel her injection late this evening. She said yes, of course, no problem, etc. Well, then she called about 30 minutes ago, at about 10:00pm, freaking out about administering this injection. Come to find out, she hasn't given an injection of any sort in eight years! It was clear that if she as a doctor was nervous about giving the injection, then we didn't want her to do it, ya know? So, we brainstormed to figure out who else we could ask at the last minute.

As it turns out, our next door neighbor's mother, Linda, is a pharmacist and has lots of simple injection experience. This past winter alone, she administered over 800 flu shots. Our HCG shot isn't much more complex than that and Linda feels very confident about doing it, so we feel good and of course, we're really thankful to have found someone reliable to give this shot. Otherwise, I was thinking I'd have to slip Rachel some Benadryl, coax her to sleep, and then plop that injection into her quickly! haha.

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J said...

Wow. I didn't trust MYSELF to do my HCG shot (last week) but totally let my wife do it. She did a great job!

Good luck to you both this cycle!