Thursday, June 14, 2007


As promised, these are our latest ultrasound photos. They’re not as good as the others we’ve had, but this round was done more as a favor to us and wasn’t a scheduled ultrasound. We’ll be having another much better set done when we go next week, on the 19th. At any rate, enjoy!


Trevor said...

Let me be the first to say that the kid's obviously a genius. I can just tell from the knee bends and head position.

Kim said...

YEAH! Baby pics! Congrats! :o)

Merr said...

How dang cute!

Christina Taylor said...

AWESOME!!! It makes me get so teary eyed to see yall's is SO precious! Keep them coming!!

Christina :o)

Michelle said...

Ju and R,

This is probably going to be long, so I apologize ahead of time, but I had to write. I found your blog by complete accident about two weeks ago, and have read everything on it, about three or four times now. I read it every day, if even to just keep my sanity on certain subjects.

My partner "J" and I are both in law enforcement and live in California, a far cry from GA :) However, we've been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half. Realistically, we've just been trying to get a 'surge' positive test for almost that long. We're both 35, so not old old and definitely look 20'ish.

We started out with positive attitudes and thinking that a natural cycle was the way to go. Sidebar-we have a son who's about to turn 14 in July, so we really didnt anticipate anything but quick success. However, month after month, we were met with disappointment.

We couldnt even get my body to surge. I did all of the blood tests and everything looked 'normal'. Whatever that may have been or may be now. We have a great doctor, amazing really, but our IUI coordinator leaves something to be desired.

After three months of a natural cycle, we started on one hormone. A low dose of Letrozole. This caused my first positive surge test on Mother's Day of this year. We did one insemination the day after the surge and at the ultrasound, showed only one large follicle and one small "helper" follicle. Well, it wasnt much help, no pregnancy.

Needless to say, we're now at the point where we're doing three different hormones and doing the double inseminations. We inseminated last week and had mixed feelings. Our first vile on the first day had 18 million, the second day, the vile had 11 million. We're not sure what to think.

We're testing on the 25th of June and I'm trying to just forget about it for a minute. J left today for a family get-together in South Dakota, and our son left as well for the summer. So, I'm in a nice quiet house and thinking that the quiet and the dogs may be good for me.

My partner is amazing, because the hormones make me meaner then mean, and usually, I'm the patient one. She's been great and I really am lucky. It's funny, because, I wasnt going to write to you. I mean, we already have a child, so it's not as disappointing, right? WRONG. That was an actual comment made to us by someone.

It's hearbreaking. Especially as you both know, not knowing why, or what's going on. You feel like you're just starving for answers. Any answers. Anyway, I've taken up a lot of room. I had to say thank you though. I've felt so awful and raw emotionally, and disconnected, misunderstood.

When I found your blog, I felt like I'd found a piece of mind. I copied and pasted many of the entries into an email for my partner at about 3am on morning so she could read them when she woke up and I was gone at work already.

Thank you so much. I have no words other then that. I feel connected, understood and like there's so much hope left for us still. So thank you. I look forward to continuing to follow your journey.

With much appreciation and "Family" love, M and J