Tuesday, September 26, 2006


R and I have both been so slack about keeping this blog up-to-date, but it hasn't been without good reason. We've been so busy!

R might have mentioned it in a previous post, but I'm at a new job, which I love. It does keep me busy, though, and learning how to readjust my schedule has been challenging. I used to work from my home office, so cleaning the house and doing the laundry, etc, was never a problem, as I could simply do it any time. Now, I have to plan everything out and I stay busier due to not having as much time to myself during the daytime. I'm not complaining, though. I love my job and I'm not so lonely or bored from being home alone anymore.

R has had an interesting go of it since the new school year started and she's excited about finally getting out of working for the grant she now works for. Soon, she will be in a gifted teaching position, so that's pretty exciting. And since she's finished her third degree (an EdS, which is a step between a Masters and PhD), she'll be getting a nice pay raise, which means more money for us to do what we need.

We may have a buyer for our home, finally, but we won't know anything for sure for at least one more day. We're really hoping it works out for us because there's another house in town that we love, love, love and that would be perfect for us. *knocking on wood*

In baby news, we've got a busy week ahead of us. R started taking steroids this week and she's doubled up on Clomid (the maximum amount allowed), in addition to the prenatals and Metformin she takes daily. We'll go in next Wednesday, the 4th, for an outpatient diagnostic procedure - a histing-something. I can't ever remember the word, but it's a test where they inject dye into your fallopian tubes and then take x-rays to see if there are any blockages. Afterwards, they flush out the tubes to rid them of any dye. The procedure, according to our doctor and everyone we know who has done it, is very painful, but the good news is that the flushing of the tubes increases our chance for successful conception.

After that procedure, we'll do an ultrasound on Friday, the 6th. Depending on those test results, we'll be inseminating either that weekend, or on Monday, the 9th. This, of course, will involve doing an HCG trigger shot to do a timed release of the egg. It's almost too much to keep it all straight.

In other news, this coming Friday (29th of Sept) is my 30th birthday! I'm really looking forward to celebrating with friends. I've got a feeling that my 30th year will be the best ever!


Lynnette said...

I"ve been following your story for a while now...I hope you don't mind unsolicited assvice...but I've never heard of doing an IUI during the same cycle that a HSG (hysterosalpingogram) was done. I know all about the theory that the flushing can help, but I was always told that was for the following three cycles, and then the benefit is gone again. I don't know for sure, mind you, but based on my OBGYN's not wanting to do a similar procedure (saline-hydro-something) during my last IVF, because he thought the fluid would affect my lining, I would think the reasoning is the same. Too much rinsing out maybe? I guess just ask, but I think I would want to get rid of that radio-reactive dye before I cycled. Also, I've never had it rinsed out, but maybe that's a new thing? It's been 4 1/2 years since I've had a HSG. Also, I had three of them, and they were a little crampy, but weren't too bad. I think everyone is different. I'd tell you to take a few Advil, but that's contraindicated in a cycle since it can prevent the follicles from releasing their eggs. (I think my addiction to Advil for back pain, all those years, may have adversely affected my fertility) Anyway, again, sorry if this is unwanted advice...I wish you both the best of luck. And Happy Birthday, you youngster!

Anonymous said...

A hearty "Ganbare!"[hold out; hang [hold] on; stand firm; hold[stand] one's ground; put up a good fight] to Rachel's fearless fallopian tubes.
And Happy weekend birthday to you. Did you know you share a birthday with Joan, Countess of Kent, Princess of Wales of "legendary beauty"? She even had auburn hair.

Eliza said...

Hello there - just found your blog and have my fingers crossed for you. Just a note on the HSG test - I had one done two months ago. My understanding is that if you have painful periods it will probably be a slightly painful procedure. I have always been fortunate not to have bad cramping. Before the exam I took three advil and it really was not bad at all. The nurse assisting said some women have no problem and some other women find it very painful. I just wanted you to know that not everyone finds it to be a painful exam and I hope yours goes a smoothly as mine....GOOD LUCK!! :)