Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Try #3 didn't work. R is due for her period today/tomorrow, and while she hasn't started yet, she did take a pregnancy test this morning and it read "negative". Additionally, all signs seem to be clear that she will start her period -- skin breakout, tender breasts, moodiness, etc. She seemed pretty upset, but we didn't even have a chance to talk about it because she had to leave quickly for the second day in a two-part job-related workshop she's doing.

While I am disappointed, I'm not as upset this month as in previous months. I think this is due mostly to the fact that R, basically, from just a couple of days after insemination, kept announcing that it didn't work. She said she felt pre-menstrual and well, no one knows her body better than she does, so I didn't question it. I just accepted things early on and didn't allow myself to get excited at all.

We're taking a break from insemination for one month, maybe two. We've had a vacation planned in July for quite a while and had we made the choice to try again next month, it would conflict with our trip. And, quite frankly, at this point we need a vacation more than anything. We're not sure if we'll try again in August. We're leaning towards 'yes', but that's when the school year starts again, which is always stressful. So, who knows. I guess we'll see how we feel as the time draws closer.

We went to Atlanta Pride this past weekend and there was a booth for an organization which specializes in International Adoption, specifically adoption from Mexico. Things were kind of crowded, so we waited to call about it when we got home. Here's the deal: This agency, run by two lesbians, helps individuals to adopt babies from Guanajuato, Mexico. They offer newborns only and you can choose whether you want a boy or a girl. The whole process takes only 180 days and costs $19,000. ($10,000 of this is refundable through the adoption tax credit.) So, basically, if we pursue this, we could potentially have a baby within six months time for approximately $9,000. It's kind of exciting to think about!

R's mom spoke with a psychic on Monday, who told her that R would be pregnant within six months time and that she (my mother-in-law) would be a grandmother within a year's time. I thought it was interesting that the psychic referred to "six months", since we'd just inquired about the 180-day adoption process. It makes me wonder if that's what she was really referring to, although she did say something about R being pregnant. So, who knows.

On another note, we got to meet Amanda and her girlfriend, T, from For the Byrds while we were at Atlanta Pride. They were so friendly and welcoming and well, it was just really nice to meet them!


Merr said...

Oh so sorry about the negative. It is good to take a break and enjoy a vacation. Don't give up.

quixoticmama said...

Make sure you investigate EVERYTHING about ANY adoption you consider, ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY if they're ethical or not (this is particularly important if they're international). Also, you make want to make sure that same sex couples can adopt from Mexico. We were told we'd have a baby in 6 months, and we tried for almost 2 years. Adoption is nothing to be jumped into - it's EXPENSIVE and just as heartbreaking. Read everything you can and make sure you're up to it.....there are lots of things to consider.

Just my two cents ....

Gretch said...

Sorry to hear that this month wasn't your month.

Enjoy the time together on your vacation - it's good for the soul!

eryn said...

Taking a break was the best thing we ever did! Enjoy your vacation. You'll know when you are ready to start again.

Can you either post or email more info about the adoption agency?

Thank you so much!