Friday, March 17, 2006


We mentioned in a previous post that we found out about a vegan couple who are giving their baby up for adoption. We'd thrown our name out there, even though we realized there was no chance of being picked since this couple was looking for another vegan couple to adopt.

The night we met our new friends, H and S, we learned that not only are they vegan, but they also want to adopt a child. Since they both met the obvious requirements of being an "alternative family" and being vegan, we passed the baby information along. To make a long story short, a month later now they are officially going through with this adoption.

I'm not sure to what degree I believe that "things happen for a reason", but going through this, it seems to be true. I mean, what are the chances? We find out about this kid who needs a home, then we meet them and help them get the ball rolling, and now they're going to have a new little baby in just four weeks. And, it's all happening within eight weeks total time.

Anyway, we are completely thrilled for our new friends and glad to be included in all of this. In fact, we're going over to their house on Saturday for dinner and to help paint the new nursery. How exciting!

Oh, and the great thing... when our baby comes along, we'll have access to all of their hand-me-downs!

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Kiles said...

I do hope all goes well for the two of you, you are kind souls and deserve the best. :-)