Monday, December 05, 2005


As much as I want to have a baby, the thought is at times horrifying. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Things I worry about:

  • not getting to spend enough quality time with R

  • less freedom to do things on a whim

  • financial responsibility

  • possibly not liking being a mother

  • not having the acceptance and support from family members

  • people being cruel to us and/or our baby because we're a GLBT family

These are a few things that come to mind for now. Is this normal?


Liza said...

Well, I don't know what "normal" is, but we rocket back and forth between being excited and scared to death.

My biggest fear today is that the GA legislature will pass nasty restrictions on our ability to adopt, and that they'll go into effect just in time to make us super-frustrated.

Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

Oh yes. The fear is so real to me! I fear I'll resent the babe because I love the life and relationship Partner and I have right now. I worry a lot, but I think your list is totally normal. But maybe that's just because I identify with it so much.

Lionmom said...

Totally normal. Sometimes I still mourn the loss of time - both alone time and time with my partner.

But then one of the twins will say a new word or dance a new dance. Or one of my big kids will sing a solo or survive a final, and it is clear that the trade off is worth it.

Trista said...

You know, I worried about all those things while we were planning, while we were TTC and while she was pregnant.

And guess what? On bad days I still worry about them. So, if you're a worrier, you'll worry. And it will still turn out wonderfully.

Sacha said...

I told my friend Dane yesterday (he has two kidlets) that I'm purposefully destroying life as I know it by embarking on Project Baby. And the older I get the more afraid I am.

I think it's abnormal not to see the impact of becoming responsible for another life. And you don't even get to get-to-know this new person. They appear and you have to deal with all their personality quirks.

So yes, it's normal and okay to be scared.